Send warmth to send care -- College Leaders carry out the Spring Festival 2016 to visit the retired veteran cadres.

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The flock of old words, golden monkey spring. In 2016, when the new Spring Festival is approaching, in order to further care for old cadres in politics and life and let retired veteran cadres have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, the leaders of the college have concentrated on the activities of visiting retired veteran cadres.
On the morning of January 21st, with a strong concern, Lu Yalian, Dean Zhou Jie and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, deputy secretary of the retired Party committee, Feng Qiyi, were divided into three consolation groups respectively, including Du Pin, vice president Xu Zhaobo, Liu Tiande, He Yaping, Chen Xiujuan, committee members of the Party committee of the Party committee of the Party committee of the party and the chairman of the party and government. The related comrades of the textile Ministry were accompanied by a visit to the retired veteran cadres, sent their condolences and condolences for them, and on behalf of the Party committee, the administration and all the faculty members of the college, gave them the greetings and cordial greetings of the new spring, and expressed their sincere thanks to them for their contribution to the development of the college.
In every family, the leaders of the hospital were kindly talking to the old comrades, questioning their life and physical condition, and reporting to them the development of the college and the new work goals.
The meticulous care of the academy makes the old comrades feel warm. They have shown that they will continue to pay attention to the development of the college, continue to play the waste heat, offer suggestions for the development of the college and wish the college to achieve greater development in the new year.