The school held the 2015 annual acceleration of development goals, performance appraisal, assessment and arrangement.

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In the afternoon of February 28th, the school held the first 2015 annual conference of the executive building to speed up the performance appraisal of the development goals. Du Pin, deputy secretary of the Party committee, vice president Chen Xiujuan, committee member of the Party committee, director Meng Yongguo of the party and government, and the target assessment index system involve the leaders in charge of the responsible department.
Du Pin, deputy secretary of the Party committee, presided over the meeting.
At the meeting, Meng Yongguo, the committee member of the Party committee and the director of the party and government office, made a description of the breakdown of the task of speeding up the target assessment. Chen Xiu, the vice president, put forward high attention, familiar with the index system, completed the collection and collation of the relevant supporting materials on time, and provided four aspects of the requirements of the extension materials such as innovation and enhancement. Du Pin, deputy secretary of the Party committee, gave a comprehensive introduction to the important proposals and matters needing attention to meet the Education Work Committee of the provincial Party committee and the provincial education department in 2015 to accelerate the development of the target inspection. It made arrangements for the preparation of materials, publicity and display, atmosphere construction and so on, and put forward the work to raise awareness, strengthen re vision, clear responsibility and pay attention to actual results.