Good news: our hospital in 2016 classified enrollment (individual enrollment) enrollment reached 3.5 times the number of plans.

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2016 college enrollment classification (enrollment) registration work at the end of the day before. It is understood that this year, 32 Vocational Colleges in the province participate in the classified enrollment, and the college is one of the 4 colleges with more than two thousand applicants.
In 2016, the total number of candidates in our college was 3921. Among them, 1000 people were enrolled in the classification program and 3550 were filled in. The number of enrolment exceeded 2550; a separate enrollment plan enrolment 300 and 371 people, and the number of applicants exceeded 71. The number of voluntary applicants is high.
In order to do a good job of classification and admissions in 2016, the Party committee and administration attach great importance to the college, hold a special meeting to carry out the deployment, formulate the college's 2016 classification admissions (separate enrollment) work plan, and send the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee Du Pin, vice president Liu Tiande, He Yaping, and the leader of the Secretary of the Discipline Committee of the Discipline Committee of the discipline committee, four The university entrance examination reform policy declaration group, to the Province nine places (city, state) part of the high school schools to carry out policy propaganda and enrollment propaganda, through a lot of hard work to achieve real results.