Our college students attend a seminar on Entrepreneurship

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At 14:00 p.m. in March 25, 2016, more than 100 students in our hospital went to the keystone alliance headquarters base of our company to participate in the entrepreneurship seminar delivered by SIYB business mentor Sun Yuehong.

Before teaching, Mr. Sun Yuehong told people about the story of human and monkey from the perspective of entrepreneurship, so that students realized the importance of selection. Next, Sun Yuehong explained to his classmates "why to train" and "what is SIYB". At the same time, she introduced the supporting policies of College Students' entrepreneurship, and encouraged them to start their own businesses. Finally, Sun Yuehong's "mind + ability = success" is the end of this business lecture.

I believe that this entrepreneurial lecture not only deepens the students' understanding of entrepreneurship, but also improves their entrepreneurial enthusiasm.