Brief Introduction to the Construction of Faculty Team

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  To meet the requirements of the upgrading in educational level and the enlargement of scale, since its inception, the college leaders have been giving top priority to the construction of the faculty team as a means to make the college prosperous. It has been attaching great importance to the improvement of teachers’ all-round quality and persisting in administering teaching according to the law. All the teachers have also been teaching strictly in accordance with the law and setting good examples to students. In addition, the college has been being active in carrying out teaching reforms and improving the quality and standards of teaching.
  The college has been putting much effort in applying the strategy of strengthening the college by talents, so the structure of the faculty team has been improved constantly. There are 303 internal and external full-time and part-time teachers, including 111 teachers with senior professional titles, 12 professors, 10 PhD program candidates, 1 provincial expert, 3 commissaries of education steering committees for vocational and technical education of National Ministry of Education and 1 national ceramic design artist. In the faculty team, 121 are internal “dual-qualification” teachers and 65 are part-time teachers from the front line of enterprises. The college has been active in encouraging internal teachers to do part-time jobs in industries and enterprises, which contributes to creating the outstanding characteristics of the faculty team of higher vocational and technical education.